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                AusBiotech 2014 national conference
                  The AusBiotech national conference has been at the heart of AusBiotech since the beginning.  Almost three decades ago, the decision to start the Australian Biotechnology Association (ABA), which later became AusBiotech, was made at the 1984 sixth annual biotech conference – the event we today call the AusBiotech national conference. The conference is now the largest annual gathering of biotechnology experts in Australia and the Asia Pacific Region. Planning is now well-underway to make this year’s event the best yet.
                   Following AusBiotech 2013 in Brisbane, AusBiotech 2014 on the Gold Coast will again put the spotlight on the robust Queensland biotech industry. AusBiotech thanks the Queensland Government for their outstanding support as co-host for the 2013 and 2014 events. 
                   Last year’s conference attracted 138 international attendees and we look forward to the participation of more international delegates in 2014. We also hope to welcome more interstate delegates. The Gold Coast provides the perfect location to have loved ones join you for an extended stay.
                   This is our once-a-year opportunity to gather in one place, from across the country, at one time, to reflect and look ahead to what needs to happen in the biotech sector. Every year, as we share the success stories of Australian biotech companies, the event also becomes a celebration of what’s being achieved.
                  As an industry we continue to advance. AusBiotech will again host a session on its strategy for the coming years, which will guide AusBiotech in its activities on your behalf.
                In addition to a stimulating conference program, AusBiotech’s Business Matching Program will again facilitate more than 2,500 meeting requests between participants from the biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, life sciences, business, investment, research and health industries. I urge you to come along and take advantage of the very real value offered by the AusBiotech national conference. Save the dates 29-31 October in your diary now.
                  I look forward to welcoming you to AusBiotech 2014 on the Gold Coast

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